Other work

These are some contributions I’ve made that aren’t worth their on entry on the projects page. This contains either open source work, smaller freelance jobs, or other smaller projects.

Millmint: Table of Contents

October 2022

Eager to get in some contributions for 2022’s Hacktoberfest, I went to Millmint’s webmaster again to ask if he had any work for me — and he did! Together, we built a table of contents that looks good, scales down to a dropdown on mobile, and highlights the currently active section. To check out the ToC in action, you can either watch a video here or check it out yourself on any number of pages like https://millmint.net/utopia/vekllei/. Click the book icon in the header to open the toc.

Lola post with a table of contents on the right-hand side

Build & Deploy a Personal Portfolio with TailwindCSS - 2022 Edition

November 2021

Having worked with me before, Gary Simon asked me if I would be able to convert a design into code before the weekend, 3 days later. He sent me the designs, and I told him I could do it. The day after, on thursday night, I sent him the completed website.

Gary then made a video walking through the design steps, explaining my code, and deploying on Hostinger here.

Hero section of the portfolio Work section of the portfolio Clients section of the portfolio Hiring/contact section of the portfolio


October 2021

Millmint is a website largely dedicated to the Vekllei project and its author, Hobart. I contributed a few things a few things to the website, both in- and outside of Hacktoberfest.

First, I added a small preview for search results. If the string you were looking for shows up in a post, it will show you what it found.

Search on the MillMint website. The query is 'Tzipora' and various results are shown with the represented string

I was then in a voice call with the author of the website and Vekllei, and he asked if it would perhaps be possible to give each page a tint regarding to the featured image. Of course it is!

The tint is applied to the page from the featured post

After that, we gave the same treatment to all the stories’ cards.

A list of stories' cards on the Millmint website, where each card has a slight tint in accordance to the color of the art piece