About me

Hello there! I am a full-stack web developer from the Netherlands. I know HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript, Node.js, and Vue.

I also have a GitHub profile. You can send me an e-mail at [email protected].


Jip Frijlink was able to handle transforming my UI designs without any issue, even the complex parts that I thought might not be possible. Additionally, he completed everything sooner than promised, and communication was excellent. A+!

Gary Simon

Gary Simon

From DesignCourse and DesignCourse part 2

Jip provides an amazing work experience by providing fast, high quality, front end web development. He has been one of the best developers I have worked with. He was able to turn our early concepts into a professional site that I am always proud to show off. I am proud to call Jip the lead front end developer for https://pretendo.network/

Jonathan Barrow

Jonathan Barrow

From Pretendo

It’s always a pleasure working on a project with Jip! His knowledge of scripting and design is fantastic, allowing flexible and streamline development. He brings so much to the table with his ability create something from the most vague of my ideas, while also being extremely open to feedback and learning new things. Highly recommend.



From mcpeachpies' website and 1 other project

Jip has met every expectation of mine when creating designs. He is also extremely flexible and has done so while being provided little information

Alex Tetzlaff

Alex Tetzlaff

From HeliumArgon and MCContent

Provided a smooth website and a custom visual display specifically made for my needs for a great price.


DesignCourse part 2

18 sep 2021

After originally writing the HTML and Tailwind for the app, I was asked to work on the landing page and add some more things to the app.



25 may 2021

DesignCourse is a YouTube channel with tutorials on UI/UX. This platform was built for courses, to teach you how to become even better.



25 may 2021

Pretendo is an open source replacement for Nintendo's servers for both the 3DS and Wii U


PvP Legacy website

12 apr 2021

I built PvP Legacy's website



02 feb 2021

I made my own app to keep track of finances



10 jan 2021

starships.me is my blog about starships, built with Nuxt/Vue and Sanity's headless CMS.


PvP Legacy Kit viewer

10 nov 2020

PvP Legacy is a Minecraft server where you fight other players. This website is used to view "kits" made by other players.



23 aug 2020

Adolla is an easy-to-use web app to read manga. It features progress, a customizable reader, backups, and more.



29 jul 2020

HeliumArgon is a company made to help businesses, communities, and people with tasks by creating products and services to help them.


mcpeachpies' website

29 jul 2020

mcpeachpies' website. mcpeachpies makes Minecraft YouTube videos in addition to data-packs and resource packs.



24 may 2020

kleurtj.es is an easy to way store, share, and copy colors. It even has collaboration tools for sharing palettes!



25 jun 2019

mvlist provides an easy way to keep track and rate movies you love (or hate).



27 may 2019

Sekolah was built to show a school schedule and grades.


DASH for Makerlog

23 may 2019

Dash is a Tweetdeck-like client for Makerlog, a platform to track your progress.


Today for Makerlog

23 may 2019

Today is a no-distraction logger for Makerlog, a platform to track your progress.



05 jan 2019

BSL is an easy to use grocery list that features intelligent suggestions as well as synchronisation between all your family members!